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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Wednesday 3rd August 2008
Pulborough Brooks

I finished work early and decided to spend the afternoon down at the brooks having a relaxing stroll around. When I got there I found that a wryneck was on the reserve, and there were lots of people there just to see it. Instead of having a relaxing wander I got a bit caught up in all of the excitement and tried my best to catch sight of it. I think I saw it flying away from all of the twitchers as I was approaching the place where it was last seen. If that was the wryneck, then that was the last glimpse I got of it. The loss of this potential 'tick' was made up for by several other good sightings - two female redstarts that entertained us all while we waited in vain for the wryneck to reappear, about 8 yellow wagtails that were doing their usual trick of feeding from the mud mushed up by the feet of cattle and a female adder in slough that was dozing in some brambles. Also a single common lizard sprawled out on a fence.

Common lizard

Female adder. Notice her blue eyes due to the skin covering them starting to come away. This is sometimes know as being 'in the blue'.

The view from The hanger

Yellow wagtail