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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Tuesday 3rd April 2012
Pulborough - Parham - Kithurst Hill - The Burgh - Amberley Village - Amberley Wildbrooks - Pulborough.
18 miles.

Nothing like a good long march to shed some lard and on this 8 hour, 18 mile yomp in the hot sun I must have shed about 10 pounds. It would have been even more if I hadn't powered it all with sweet tea and digestive biscuits!
I had Pulborough Brooks all to myself it seemed when I had a quick look around for adders at 8am. No snakes unfortunately but no humans too, at least not until I was leaving.
In Northpark Wood they've taken down hundreds of conifers and planted broadleaf trees instead. It'll be a very different place in 10 years or so.
Parham Park was beautiful in the sunshine and the first cuppa of the day was very satisfying while I surveyed the human-less area from a small hillock near the walled garden.
Quite a sweaty climb up to the top of Kithurst Hill was rewarded with a Red Kite soaring in the distance and a very close encounter with a Redstart.
I picked up the pace somewhat and didn't stop until Rackham Hill where a cuppa was urgently needed with lots of accompanying dunking!
Across the Wildbrooks a Sparrowhawk did some superb high-speed ground-hugging which took a flock of pigeons by surprise, causing them to disperse in all directions and a Water Rail that I managed to surprise raced away to take cover in the hedgerow.
From there on it was another fast yomp to try and beat the rain clouds that were starting to amass. Mission accomplished but the ride home was through a continuous downpour and I finally succumbed to a total soaking. Not a bad price to pay for a gorgeous day's walk in sunshine and blue skies.

PB. Slightly misty and totally quiet apart from Chiffchaffs shouting their heads off.

A new wood in the making at (old) Northpark Wood.

A male Redstart near Kithurst Hill.

A Brown Hare without a sparring partner.

Corn Bunting.

The Burgh in the distance.

Amberley Wildbrooks and a few drops of rain start to fall, but thankfully only a small shower.

The Cuckoo flowers (Cardamine pratensis) are out and now we're waiting for the cuckoos.

A few Bluebells are starting to burst as well. Quite early too.

Another gate fastener for Gill's collection. This one is at Hardham.

Comma Butterfly. Also seen; Orange Tip, Small white, Peacock and Speckled Wood.


Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.