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Sussex Scrapbook - Nature walks throughout the year

Sunday 2nd November 2008
Christ's Hospital - Slinfold - Itchingfield .   
8 miles

Yesterday we set off on the bike early, with the intention of starting a long walk from Plaistow. By the time we got there though we were frozen stiff and wet and the weather looked to be getting worse. I took the unwelcome executive decision to cancel the walk and go home and get warm instead.
This morning was gorgeous though with bright sunshine and no wind. Even so we decided to take the train for a change and do a shortish walk from Christ's Hospital that we've done several times before. Apart from electrocuting myself on an electric fence (again), the day turned out to be just like a glossy advertisement for autumn.  Everywhere was very leafy and fungally (I made that word up) and there were roving tit flocks moving through the increasingly bare trees. Sunset came just after 4:30 and when we got to Itchingfield church a half hour later there was just enough light left to watch a bat flying around us in the churchyard.

A perfect autumns day. Unlike yesterday!

Ranfold woods looked fantastic as always

Itchingfield church

Sunset was supplied by Disney