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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 2nd October 2016
Alfriston - Wilmington - Alfriston
Just a few miles actually. Pathetic really but hey, it was Sunday and we were tired, ok!

After yesterday's deluge while yomping the Downsman with the Scouts, today's miniscule amble in the sunshine was like a holiday in a different season. A perfect little autumnal stroll.

We start from the Cathedral of the Downs, St Andrew's at Alfriston.

One of our target species today was a plant, not an animal. Conkers!
I needed a handful of them for conker fights with the Cubs this week.

The old place is looking pretty good innit?

Gill thinks so.

A small break for tea and cake at the feet of the Old man of Wilmington.

The old Yew at Wilmington Church. Still standing after nearly 2000 years.

Hawthorn berries at their best.

Blue and green should never be seen .... yeah, right!

Seeds, nuts and berries everywhere. This is Hornbeam.

The ruins of an old barn made a perfect setting for some afternoon tiffin.


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