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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks in Sussex throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 2nd August 2009
Cocking - Graffham Down - Graffham - Heyshott - Cocking
9 miles

It was raining all day yesterday while we were working on the bike, but this morning we woke to bright sunshine and blue skies. We suddenly needed a relatively short route for a Sunday stroll with a good distance to the start point so that we could test ride the bike. We know a great route from Cocking, just south of Midhurst that takes in: some appallingly gorgeous villages, lots of ancient woodland, beautiful downland, a small nature reserve full of downland flowers, several steep climbs, 3 churches and 3 pubs.
The bike worked like a dream: every component seemed far happier. Our bottoms were much happier too, as the suspension works so much better now.
At the Unicorn pub at Heyshott, while we were enjoying a pint, a panicking Hobby flew straight over our heads while it was being mobbed by Swallows. Later on at 3:20 pm, just south of Hoyle, I was amazed to see a badger come out of a field of oats, cross the path just ahead of us and disappear into another field of crops. Sadly Gill didn't see it, as I was walking just ahead of her and was in the way. DOH! It was all over very quickly though, as these things often are.

The path up onto the Downs from Cocking.

Manorfarm Down

Ancient burial mounds on the Downs near Cocking

Part of the Graffham Trust Reserve

Elderberries and Old Man's Beard


Graffham Church

Up a hunting tower