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Green Man

Saturday 2nd June 2007
Chanctonbury Ring to Cissbury Ring

Today was a beautiful, hot day and we took full advantage of it by walking from Chanctonbury Ring to Cissbury Ring on the South Downs. There were 18 teams of relay runners doing the whole of the South Downs way today, and we cheered them on as they ran past us. Rather them than us!
Cissbury Ring was totally gorgeous with panoramic views from which you can see the isle of Wight to the West and Beachy Head to the East, a fantastic place for a picnic. It is supposed to be very good for snakes up there although we didn't see any today. We did find a bench under a tree there that we christened the "bench of the county". We could have sat there all day.


Chanctonbury Ring.

The views today were stunning but can only be properly appreciated in situ. So you will have to go there yourself to find out!

Cissbury Ring with a field of poppies at its base. It looks quite small from here, but inside this bronze age enclosure is 65 acres of pristine downland turf and gorse. A great place for the kids to explore.

Possibly the bench of the county!