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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 1st October 2011
Amberley - Wepham Down - Arundel -South Stoke - North Stoke
12 miles

Been very busy for the past few weeks helping the 1st Crawley Scouts, so apologies for the lack of action on our website.
Sussex has been blessed by a visitation from a juvenile Pallid Harrier, which is on holiday in the Wepham / Burpham area. They usually live in Eastern Europe and India, so it's a little bit off course. We hadn't managed to get a moment free to try and see it so far, so we jumped at the opportunity this morning. Only trouble was, I had a terrible cold and the walk became a bit of a slog at times as my temperature rose and fell. Worse than that though, we didn't get to see the Harrier - we didn't see much at all in fact, perhaps because the day broke the all-time record for the highest temperature in October (29.9oC). We even had to get our water bottle refilled at Arundel Youth Hostel as we'd nearly done the lot by the time we got there. We still had plenty of tea about our person (of course!) but we needed a cold drink really badly.
Despite the sneezing, shivering, sweating and sniffing, the walk was as good as ever, with one particularly magical moment - a Water Vole going about it's business under the bridge at South Stoke, ignoring us and a few other visitors gawping from above.
Next week we're taking the scouts walking in this area too, so hopefully we'll get another bash at the Harrier and with any luck we will see the vole too!

This Robin is wearing some bling! He's got a ring.

Amberley Village as the mist rises and the solar heating starts up.

Brimstone Butterfly. We also saw a Clouded Yellow and many Red Admirals.

Some very hot sheep take shelter behind some kindly-placed bales of hay..

Beside Wepham Wood, but no sign of the Harrier.

Huge Quinces.

Down to the beautiful River Arun.

Arundel Castle.

The campsite at Arundel YHA.

Back along the river for sunset.

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.