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Green Man

Saturday 1st September 2007
Eastbourne - Jevington - Crowlink - Eastbourne

We were in dire need of a seriously long walk to teach us both a good lesson for being so lazy! We also needed to try again to get to the village of Jevington which lies on the alternative route of the South Downs Way, near Eastbourne. We had attempted to get there several times before but something always prevented us getting there, to the point that we had started referring to the place as the "mythical village of Jevington".
We had to take the train to Eastbourne as the bike is still poorly and we set off from the station there at 10:30 and 6 miles and 3 hours later we were at Jevington (which we can safely say is not mythical any more). The village, we found out, is famous for 2 things. Firstly it is the burial place of Lord Shawcross, who was the chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials in 1945. Secondly, and possibly more importantly it is the birthplace of Banoffi pie! Jevington tea rooms are to be found directly on the SDW.
After Jevington we continued through Friston Forest to Friston, down the gorgeous Crowlink (once used by smugglers as a route from Birling gap to Friston) and east along the Seven Sisters. At Birling Gap we headed inland and walked back to Eastbourne along Long Down. We got back to the station just as the sun was setting. That was 16 miles of the best walking to be had in the whole of Sussex and we had a fantastic day.

The bench at Cross Dykes dewpond

A give way sign on a footpath!

Mythical jevington nestling amongst the Downs.

mmmm, banoffi pie.

A Tapsell gate in St Andrew's church Jevington. This type of swing gate is found only in Sussex churchyards and the church in nearby East Dean has a similar one.

Haven't been able to identify this chap yet as there are about a zillion types of beetle.

Don't know what this is either yet. He looks as if he was designed by Disney.

Early nesting bumblebee (Bombus pratorium)

Carder bee (Bombus pascuorum)

(Porkus smellius)

The view of Belle Tout from Crowlink, which is managed by the National Trust.