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Green Man
Saturday 1st July 2006
Crawley Folk Festival, The Hawth

The first of July was a stinking hot day and so everyone made sure they had lots of liquids to prevent dehydration. To a background of folk music and morris dancing, lots of suitably hydrated old friends rolled around on the floor and caused merry mayhem for the whole day long. Come the night, they all crawled home via Crawley's many hedges and ditches.

The beer tent! Our home for the day.

Me and Vince hitting the cider.

Mathie threatening me with violence because of my candid snaps of him. He comes from the darkest depths of Scotland and they still think that cameras steal your soul.

Ian Anderson in his spiritual home. You will notice how this species has developed plumage that blends into it's drink. Evolution in action.

A huge hairy morris man. You tell him country dancing's for girls! I dare you!

Mel at the sober stage.

More country dancing

Vince before

Vince during

Vince after!



Mandy's little girl. What a sweetie!

Nick seemed very happy!

Andy was a lot happier than he appears to be in this picture.

Skip in a typical pose.

Terry & Sue

Downer. A fine figure of a man!

Gill trying the perry.


Gary Gunn. This is how he always looks, a terrible disfigurement!

Mandy & Gill with assorted legs.

Me & Steve Gunn. Do we look happy or what.

Gill on centre stage morris dancing.