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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man

Saturday 1st March 2008
Amberley - Houghton - Glatting Beacon - Bignor - Bury - Amberley
10 miles

The Bignor area is one of the most beautiful in Sussex and the local architecture encompasses the past 1000 years or more. In the church at Bignor there is a font that was already old when the Normans invaded. If you want to see Sussex villages at their best, then go and do this walk. It is such a relaxing area and the 12th Century churches are living museums of the ancient communities that have farmed here since the year dot! The churchyards are idyllic resting spots for the weary traveller. All three of the churches we visited today had spires that were covered with wooden tiles, and all three were dotted with woodpecker holes.
The walk itself wound through numerous wooded sections, the floors of which were already covered with: ground elder, bluebells, violets, ivy and primroses that were all very close to flowering. We even managed to find a bluebell that was already in bloom, our first of the year. The walk also goes along the South Downs Way up to Glatting Beacon where it meets Stane Street, the old Roman road.
We had lovely weather conditions today (for March) and we spent much of the day walking without coats, although last night there were strong gales and a few trees had come down.
No owls today although we did see several sparrowhawks and buzzards and lots of kestrels, plus a lone ring-necked parakeet.
While sleepily drinking a well earned cider in the pub at Amberley, I accidentally set fire to the map I was reading with a candle. Well done Andy!

There are some amazing little footpaths in the Bignor area. Go and find them.

Great conditions on the downs today. Bright, clear and very little wind.

This stream also doubles as a footpath

Is this the first bluebell of the year? It's the first we've seen.

Bignor churchyard

This font has been baptising local children for over a thousand years

Bignor Church with wooden spire (and woodpecker holes)

An early entry for "bench of the month", at Bury nr Amberley